Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Reviews for the Andrew James Premium

A fine programmable coffee maker is difficult to beat. A French press won’t get the same job done as a good machine will. Considering bean to cup coffee machine reviews, there are a few such happy devices on the market which particularly stand above the rest of the crowd of coffee makers to have fallen within the grasp of society. One of the apparently finer examples is the Andrew James Premium Coffee Maker. Officially, the name is longer to describe the features in more detail.

bean to cup coffee machine reviews

This supreme coffee machine features a brilliant chrome filter and is completely programmable. There is a full bean grinder within the unit, making it a prime design for the bean to cup concept. The difference with such a machine is how the brewed coffee is delivered straight from the freshly ground bean right to the cup, all with the tap of a single button. Getting the coffee right every time, every round, is no small issue. It is top-notch self-barista service at your fingertips. This unit also features a 12 cup capacity, fully integrated digital display, and an easily maintained filter which need only be rinsed to be ready for the next use.

The dynamic programmability of this coffee maker is what is so special, aside from the perfect coffee. Pour your desired amount of water in, add the beans, and program to have a cup ready just as you rise to meet the day. Certainly, it is a small bit of work to do at the end of the day, but you will be happy you prepared for the following morning.

The reviews are in as well. People are calling this coffee machine “fantastic” and indicate it to be an incredible bargain for the abilities and functions contained in the design. In fact, reviews praise the design for coffee quality and perfect temperature with the right timing as well.