Man’s Best Friend

Dogs were domesticated by humans nearly 15,000 years ago. When early humans were migrating throughout East Asia, dogs were right there alongside with us.

Psychologically speaking, owning a dog tends to make us happier, less stressed, and can even help you lead a longer life (provided your human relationships are good to!)

Dogs have become so domesticated that at this point, dogs really do need us for their survival. You can say that in some cases, we almost feel the same way for dogs. When we look at dog’s closest relative, which is the wolf, they are not the same. Wolves are wild animals that do not typically want to be near humans, let alone live with them.

So what exactly makes the bond between man and these lovable canines so special? For one thing, dogs are loyal. Once a dog finds their ‘favorite’, that person becomes the center of their world. Dogs will fight off anyone or anything that tries to harm their special friend.

Another thing that makes dogs so incredible is that dogs are playful. It’s almost as if dogs can sense if you’re not in a good mood, because most of the time they will try to cheer you up by doing silly things and playing games with you. Oftentimes, these displays are too cute to ignore and it works.

Interestingly enough, scientific research has found that when man and dog stare each in the eyes, both react biologically. The hormone oxytocin (that is recognized as the hormone having to do with trust and love), is significantly higher than normal. This means that the bond between man and dog truly is on a deeper level. We love our dogs the same way we love our human family.

This is why many times, people don’t distinguish between the family and the dog, the dog is a part of the family.