Watch the latest shows with the Showbox App

If you have been looking at the many apps you can find on your Android smartphone or tablet, you will be surprised by how many of the apps are related to media. You can easily download and install apps like Netflix, HBO Now or Hulu on your phones. But the truth is that you have to pay for these applications. They have free trials, but those are only for a couple of weeks. Then you have to pay a monthly subscription price. And it may not seem like a lot to pay $10 or $15 per month, but the apps can add up quickly. If you have each of these apps, you are looking at $35 to $40 a month right there, which is on top of the data services you are paying for on your phone.

Not everyone has that kind of money. So what can you do? You can look to the showbox app as a serious alternative for being able to watch all of the shows and movies you want to see. Whether it is a movie that came out a few weeks ago, an episode that aired last night, or a TV show that ran out of episodes many years ago, you can find all the most popular and obscure shows and movies on the app. And they all load seamlessly. You can set the quality based on your internet connection and the type of show you are watching.

showbox app

For example, if you are watching a cartoon, you can probably turn the quality down to save on data. If you are watching the latest Game of Thrones episode, you may want to experience the cinematography in stunning HD, so you can turn it up to 720p or 1080p HD to get a fantastic experience. In either case, you are going to enjoy watching media on the app so much!